Year Nine

The gallery turned 9 today. My prediction from last year that the ninth year will be a dark(er) one came true. Things did not go smoothly, in fact it was the bumpiest ride I’ve ever been on, and the gallery was here to see me through it. It saw more entries than...

A New Home

What with the imminent downfall of Tumblr, I thought it would be best to pack up and move out. In hindsight, I should have done this from the start, but Tumblr was a different place in 2012 and I thought it would be a good home for the gallery. I’ve since...

Year Eight

The gallery turned 8 today. The past year was a pretty dark one, and I predict the next one will be too, hopefully only partially. Change can be difficult. Here’s hoping things will go as smoothly as possible. Timeline

Year Seven

The gallery turned 7 today. “Maybe 2017 will be a better year.” – I think it was. I’m not sure. Timeline

Year Six

The gallery turned 6 today. I’m glad there was more content this past year, but I’m not so glad with the content itself. Maybe 2017 will be a better year. Timeline

Year Five

The gallery’s turned 5 today. I won’t make a selection of my favorites from the past year because I contributed very little to the gallery in 2015 and almost none of the pictures express any positive feelings. I made my first sale in 2015, so that was exciting. I...

My First Sale

Exciting news, I made my first sale today! Someone bought 12 greeting cards from the store with this entry printed on them. I didn’t actually make any money as I only charged the minimum amount (manufacturing fee), but that’s beside the point. I’m going to update the...