The Gallery of Me is all about emotions. It does not aim to portray visually stunning or complex images, but complex thoughts and emotions most often through basic means. It is a collection of my feelings and thoughts throughout time, most often inspired by people or events in my life and on some occasions completely fictional and unrelated. Most entries are interpretable and can be attributed to situations completely different from the ones that initially inspired me. Thus, they can mean different things to different people and are generally relatable if you look hard enough. This way, The Gallery of Me also challenges you to be creative in finding your own story behind each entry, different from what others may find by looking at the same image.


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Entry #700

It's been over 9 years since I started this little gallery of mine and I just hit 700 entries. Wow. Lotta feelings...

Year Nine

The gallery turned 9 today. My prediction from last year that the ninth year will be a dark(er) one came true. Things...

On Instagram Too

I decided to give Instagram a try. Follow the gallery @thegalleryofme2011.

A New Home

What with the imminent downfall of Tumblr, I thought it would be best to pack up and move out. In hindsight, I should...