Year Seven

The gallery turned 7 today. “Maybe 2017 will be a better year.” – I think it was. I’m not sure. Timeline

Year Six

The gallery turned 6 today. I’m glad there was more content this past year, but I’m not so glad with the content itself. Maybe 2017 will be a better year. Timeline

Year Five

The gallery’s turned 5 today. I won’t make a selection of my favorites from the past year because I contributed very little to the gallery in 2015 and almost none of the pictures express any positive feelings. I made my first sale in 2015, so that was exciting. I...

My First Sale

Exciting news, I made my first sale today! Someone bought 12 greeting cards from the store with this entry printed on them. I didn’t actually make any money as I only charged the minimum amount (manufacturing fee), but that’s beside the point. I’m going to update the...

Year Four

The gallery turned 4 today. I didn’t make the usual selection of favorites from the past year like I do every year, but most of my favorites are bundled in the previous post. Cheers!