The gallery turned 9 today.

My prediction from last year that the ninth year will be a dark(er) one came true. Things did not go smoothly, in fact it was the bumpiest ride I’ve ever been on, and the gallery was here to see me through it. It saw more entries than the previous 4 years combined (2019 had 103 entries on its own). It was a crutch I leaned on heavily.

I’m starting 2020 on an optimistic note and I have high hopes for it. I can’t remember the last time I began a new year this joyful. Here’s to new beginnings; literally.

On a different note, 2019 was a special year for the gallery as I rebuilt it on WordPress with a completely new design and visual identity as well (fancy way of saying it got a new logo). I’m very happy with all the work I put into it.

The gallery also expanded to Instagram. While it’s still getting off the ground, it’s a move that has already paid off in ways I was not anticipating.